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Jelly Shot Test Kitchen: Jell-ing Classic Cocktails-One Drink at a Time

I WANT THIS BOOK NOW!!!   Now that I got Ottolenghi’s Plenty (see here and weep that you don’t live in my apartment/work at my office: I’ll need something new to be obsessed over.  And as anyone who was at my party on Saturday can attest to, things got hectic when we busted out lime Finlandia vodka Jello shots (veggie Jello shots, but Jello shots all the same).  So to throw a vintage twist on my personal party favourite? Beyond bellissimo!

Follow-up on Plenty: It’s next level. I feel like my heart can beat normally now that I own it. I feel like Ottolenghi’s giving me shoulder rubs while I braise onions. It’s next level!  And I plan on spoiling the person that bought it for me very, very soon.  Truly the gift that keeps on giving!